Must #14: Spend time with the Fam

To celebrate Fathers day this year Jenn and I took Daren and Dad to the Great Park of Irvine to ride in the Orange Hot Air Balloon. I'm afraid of heights-so you can imagine how excited I was to do this activity for the 2nd time this year. The whole time I distracted myself with taking pictures to hide any apparent fear. Normally I'm not shy about my fear but because my 3 year old nephew has the courage of Evil Kenevil- I wanted to be a good role model. To be honest, I thought for sure he was gonna chicken yeah the joke was on me. OH what I would give to have a pinch of his courage. After we landed we headed over to Irvine Regional Park to ride the train and eat lunch (Only the Best-Corn Dogs and Nachos). From beginning to end we laughed our heads off and had a great time. Thanks Jenn for coordinating the day. We love you Dad!