Smartphone vs. Flip Phone

I've always been one to welcome change, except when it comes to technology.  "If it works, don't fix it", and, "keep it simple stupid"sum up my ideology. So, why did I trade in my flip phone for a smartphone? Peer pressure!

Flip Phone Pros                                                                                                       
1. Easy to use.
2. Can access all dial buttons.
3. Unlike a smartphone, I don't have to hit a power button every time I want to perform a function.
4. Better battery than a smart phone.
5. Easy to use texting function.
6. Cost less than a smart phone.
7. Overall phone plan cost less than a smart phone.
8. Extra (expensive) damage insurance not needed.
9. Able to hit snooze button multiple times.
10. Phone doesn't have the ability to butt dial, or randomly call contacts.
11. Able to silence entire phone with one button.

Flip Phone Cons
1. When damaged, carriers never have parts to fix it.
2. If you lose a phone charger, good luck trying to replace it, chances are it's no longer available.
3. Apps are outdated.
4. Internet app is slow and worthless.

Smartphone Pros
1. Game apps.
2. GPS system.
3. Able to read emails.
4. Video chatting with friends.

Smartphone Cons
1. To end a call, I have to hit a power button on the side of the phone, which lights up the visible screen, allowing access to then press the end call button. Let's start with the obvious, why doesn't the screen stay lit? Is it too much to ask to have my screen visible for an entire 30 seconds? Never before did I have to make a conscious mad dash to end a call for fear of accidentally creating a voice mail message. On a flip phone, the power button is used to turn a phone"ON"or "OFF", unlike a smartphone which requires it to be pressed constantly in order to access any function on an already turned "ON" phone.  If I've turned my phone "ON", why do I have to keep pressing a power button to be able to access my phone? and better yet, why do I have to hit the power button to make my screen visible during a phone call? Shouldn't the phone be on, it's in use!
2. Texting is the worse on smartphones! If you enjoy being in a constant state of frustration, you'll love texting on a touch screen miniature keyboard. Personally, my hands aren't amused by this joke, especially after hitting an "S" and seeing it replaced with an "A".
3. When you want to call someone,  hit the green phone button, then the name of who you want to contact, to which you are then given the option to call or text. Are you serious? Isn't it obvious that if I wanted to text I would have hit the "text" button and not the green phone in the first place?The two buttons are next to each other on the opening page, so why am I being stalled from making a phone call with stupid questions?
4.Touch screen is a nightmare to use.
5. Battery life is horrible! If you haven't yet, start memorizing the locations of all the electrical outlets in your home.
6. Smartphones are expensive and can easily cost an arm and a leg to fix when damaged. If you think you won't drop it, you will, so do yourself a favor and add insurance to your plan. 
7. Smartphones have a silent button for calls, and a separate silent button for texts (good luck trying to find it). For me, when I want a phone to be silent, and I take the effort to hit the, "silent" button - that means, I want the entire phone to be silent. Hello Mcfly! Silent means silent, not, "please notify me with a loud chime when I get a text" Why have a silent button if you can't silence your phone?  
8. If using the alarm, the snooze button will only go off 3 times. Yep that's right, 3 times. Not a huge con, but for someone who usually likes a good 5 snoozes before waking up,  I'm now consciously counting instead of enjoying my extra 5 minuets of sleep.