Must #70: Write Down an Epiphany

This "Must" might seem a little far fetch but hear me out. Today was no special day just another Saturday-that is until my sister and I went to the Irvine Spectrum to watch my nephew play at the water park(an area with shooting water spouts). As soon as we arrived my sister informed me that my nephew might be a little hesitant about the shooting spouts since he'd been shot in the eye before and bled. For the first few minutes he ran along the perimeter and scoped out the site. After going full circle he made his way in and ran around like a banshee. Like clockwork, moments later he got shot in the eye. Jen pulled him aside and reminded him not to look down and to watch out for the shooting spouts. He didn't listen and got shot too many times to count. While watching this spectacle I was struck with an here goes....
Everyone has trials but its how you handle them that matters. Often we are advised from others to stay away from things/people that can hurt us and yet we choose not to listen and to continue on the same path. I would love to go back in time and change some of my decisions based off of the advice I'd been given. Why is it that we don't listen to those who have already experienced pain and similar trials? After watching my nephew it became painfully obvious that one only learns when some form of pain is experienced. For him it took several shots to his eyes before it finally clicked. I can think of at least a dozen times when I've ignored advice and found myself lost and broken. But maybe that's what's needed in order for change to occur. I've found that reoccurring trials don't go away until you choose to change your reaction towards them. So when you notice a negative pattern in your life that keeps reoccurring try a different approach and break the habit.

DIY Salt Water Cleanse

1 liter of warm water and 3 teaspoons of sea salt = The Salt Water Cleanse.  I was already planning on doing a cleanse this year, so I decided to give it a shot. My first initial thought was why would anybody do this? I love salt...but not a liter of warm salt water-Gross. That should have stopped me but it didn't. The easiest way to get it down is in 4 cups. The first 2 cups were pretty easy compared to the last 2 which had me dry heaving. Exactly 1 hour after consuming the concoction the cleanse started to work brilliantly. Let's just say it literally clears out your entire intestinal track. Who knew salt could be so good for you.
You want me to do what?

Must #14: Spend time with the Fam

To celebrate Fathers day this year Jenn and I took Daren and Dad to the Great Park of Irvine to ride in the Orange Hot Air Balloon. I'm afraid of heights-so you can imagine how excited I was to do this activity for the 2nd time this year. The whole time I distracted myself with taking pictures to hide any apparent fear. Normally I'm not shy about my fear but because my 3 year old nephew has the courage of Evil Kenevil- I wanted to be a good role model. To be honest, I thought for sure he was gonna chicken yeah the joke was on me. OH what I would give to have a pinch of his courage. After we landed we headed over to Irvine Regional Park to ride the train and eat lunch (Only the Best-Corn Dogs and Nachos). From beginning to end we laughed our heads off and had a great time. Thanks Jenn for coordinating the day. We love you Dad!

Must #70: Start the Wave

It was so much fun the first time-I had to do it again.

Must #32: Do Something That Scares You

There are a lot of things in life that I'm afraid of. I might act tough but when it comes to roller coasters I shake in my boots. What better place to ride some of the craziest roller coasters than Six Flags Magic Mountain? I have to say I'm a pretty lucky gal to have the most kick butt friends to go with. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and hilarious crew. All of the coasters were crazy and as I'm being thrown like a rag doll all I can hear is my friends saying,"Lindsay Breathe...Breathe Lindsay.." Way to look out for me guys! Again, I was really lucky to have a supportive crew to help me accomplish this goal. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day despite sue telling me that the next ride would be easier than the last-which was never the case! I felt like a little kid going to the doctors for a surprise shot all over again. After riding the biggest and baddest of coasters we were all pretty useless and headed out. It's fascinating how multiple Adrenalin rushes can put you to sleep in seconds. I must give props to Chris for taking such awesome action photos-You rock!

The idea of doing something that you're afraid of came from a piece of advice I read,"Everyday do one thing that scares you". This alone has inspired me to conquer my fears which in turn has helped me grow as a stronger individual. I can finally say that I've faced one of my BIGGEST fears (tearless with no whining). As cliche as it sounds-we only have one life and fear isn't going to stop me from experiencing it to the fullest. My advice to those who dare to try something that scares them...Take the jump! and be ready to face a whole new world with endless possibitlies. Shoot, I did. I flew upside down, sideways and backwards all at the same time. I've never been so proud of myself and I can't wait to do it again.