DIY Propagating Succulents

Succulents are one of the few plants that can be propagated. What does that mean? Simply, that a single succulent leaf, when cut and planted, can produce a new succulent. Propagating succulents is an easy and  great way to increase your collection. Before you start de-leafing your plants, it's good to note that not all succulents can be propagated. Since I'm obsessed with having succulents in my wedding, I've decided to try propagating my own batch. If interested in propagating succulents, check out my tutorial below.

  • 1 Large Bin (I got mine at JoAnn Fabric Store, you can also find them at Michaels)
  • Cactus soil
  • 3-5 different types of succulents
Before you start propagating
  • Drill 6 to 8 holes on the bottom of the plastic bin
  • Fill the bin with cactus soil
How to Propagate Succulents

 Step 1. Gather leaf cuttings (Break the leaf off at the stem)

propagating succulents
Step 2. Place leaves out for 3 days (Don't put in direct sunlight)

Step 3. After 3 days, plant each leaf tip barely under soil (Use cactus soil)

Step 4. Once roots are visible, plant firmly under soil

Step 5. Water once a week
Step 6. Enjoy!

Things To Do When Bored

1. Read a book
2. Go to the beach
3. Take a nap
4. Go for a drive
5. Play air guitar
6. Go for a Hike
7. Visit a museum
8. Volunteer
9. Clean your room
10. Practice lip syncing
11. Go to a Theme Park
12. Call a Friend
13. Visit with Family
14. Go for a swim
15. Get a massage
16. Meditate
17. Start a blog
18. Play a board game
19. Sign up for community service
20. Go to the library
21. Visit a state park
22. Learn a magic trick
23. Meet your neighbors
24. Rent a movie
25. Start a garden
26. Shop for clothes
27. Play a card game
28.Go on a nature walk
29. Learn how to knit
30. Go sailing
31. Go wake boarding
32. Take a cooking class
33. Learn Tai Chi
34. Go for a run
35. Read astrology
36. Eat ice cream
37. Go to a spin class
38. Get a manicure
39. Create a new hairstyle
40. Make s'mores
41. Take a fencing class
42. Watch a foreign film
43. Dance around the house
44. Learn a foreign language
45. Start a craft project
46. Build a pillow/blanket fortress
47. Go bowling
48. Sell stuff on Ebay
49. Practice yoga
50. Take a bubble bath
51. Donate blood
52. Go on a date
53. Do something nice for someone else
54. Learn to play an instrument
55. Write a book
56. Feng shui your home 
57. Write a song
58. Learn reflexology
59. Learn how to read palms
60. Look up positive affirmations
61. Write down a quote that motivates you
62. Rent a classic movie from the library
63. Create a vision board
64. Memorize a song
65. Donate money to a charity
66.  Go rock climbing
67. Travel outside the country
68. Go zip lining
69. Play horseshoes
70. Learn about eating healthy
71. Go horseback riding
72. Start a water fight
73. Take a class
74. Finger paint
75. Tell a joke
76. Learn about past life regression
77. Learn how to juggle
78. Go on a spontaneous road trip
79. Watch funny Youtube videos
80. Learn how to read auras
81. Make a care package
82. Donate to Goodwill
83. Learn sign language
84. Become a fan of a Sports team
85. Clean out your car
86. Make a photo album
87. Watch a stand up comedian
88. Have a yard sale
89. Go to Las Vegas
90. Give yourself a facial
91. Go on a bike ride
92. Start a book club
93. Follow/support fellow bloggers
94. Make a video diary
95. Watch a hockey game
96. Go to a concert
97. Post something on Youtube
98. Learn a trendy dance move
99. Go camping
100. Write down your goals


A Neon Summer

This summer neon is back! Not back like the 80's, but back to add a little flare to your style.

summer neon
Image via RunningonHappiness
Neon Fashion
Image source unknown
Neon Shorts
Image via Hello Fashion

DIY Stencil Painting

I love DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. As a novice, with very little creative talent, I wanted to put my "skills" to work. Stencil painting did the trick. Why stencil painting? It's easy, clean, and almost effortless. For those who need inspiration, like myself, Martha Stewart online provides a variety of creative DIY projects. To be honest, I'm not a  Martha Stewart fan, but it fit the bill. I'm very satisfied with my creation, and even hopeful for the next.

If you want to create your own, here's what you'll need:

1. Canvas, any size will work (The canvas I used was a 36" x 36")
2. Martha Stewart Stencils
3. Stencil paints (Choose any colors that spark your interest)
4. Sponge brush

DIY Stencil Painting
I used the following Martha Stewart paints: Wet Cement, Artichoke, Scallion, and Lake Fog

I'm no Picaso, but say "Hello" to my masterpiece.

What to do when your pants won't button

We've all been there; sucking it in, squeezing into the impossible, only to later unbutton before exploding. The constant reminder of walking around with your pants undone, is more than a little embarrassing. So here's the fix that'll get anyone out of  yoga pants, and back into jeans that won't button. 

Items you'll need:
1. Pants that won't button
2. 1 Hairband

Step1: Put on your stubborn jeans
Step 2: Grab a hairband

Step 3: Wrap the hairband around the button and pull it through the button hole
Step 4: Pull the hairband tight and wrap it around the button
Step 5: Ta Da, you've done it!

Wedding Designs

For the past 8 months I've spent over 1,000+ hours researching to find the perfect wedding design/theme/location. After feeling a little flustered with all the possibilities, I decided to start a collage with my findings. If you are interested in seeing spectacular wedding images for inspiration; click on the tab above labeled, "Wedding Designs". Enjoy!