Must #43: Join a Book Club

I haven't enjoyed a good book since Teddy Ruxpin read to me in the 80's. That being said I've always wanted to join a book club and what better time then now? Book club has helped me make reading a priority and relax more. Every six weeks we get together and share our thoughts over great food and wine. This particular group of women are a lot of fun to be around. I challenge everyone to give book club a try and if you're local you're more than welcome to join mine. If book club isn't your thing than at least unglue your hand from the TV remote and pick up a good book. It might change your life. Goofing Around in Book Club

Must #45: Balloon Ride at the Great Park of Irvine

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's in Orange in the Sky? Yep, that's right. The city of Irvine provides a free of charge balloon ride in hopes that people will come and visit the new up incoming Great Park. The park is estimated to take around 20 years to complete and will be twice the size of Central Park. It is located in Irvine/Tustin between the 405 and 5. Just head down to South Orange County and look up-you cant miss it. The park is decorated with painted oranges everywhere and an "orange" balloon to represent Orange County. That being said you can imagine my confusion when I overheard someone call it a peach... I mean really? why would they have a flying peach? Soap Box Moment: We need better education and less malls....
To give you an idea of the contraption-The carriage is half mesh/half metal and hallow in the middle. It is being held by the mesh that is wrapped around the entire balloon and then clipped to the middle. Side note: I'm terrified of heights . All set? Heck yeah...ready?...okay no. When you jump in the carriage you are told to spread out and disperse your weight evenly (so not to tip the carriage)You can bet I stood frozen in place and threatened anyone who moved. Inside the carriage I noticed that the mesh holding the carriage is CLIPPED to a cable that is grounded on the launching pad.....just one clip! My Biggest Concern: The clip breaking which would release the mesh and we'd all drop.
Erika-dealt with my craziness as I gave everyone an ear full of all the worse case scenarios. I remember telling her to choke me till I pass out if the cable snapped. She advised me to imagine being on a ride at Disneyland-one problem-I hate Disneyland. So much for that thought.
This is a great shot of what less than half way looks can imagine my excitement. The pilot at this point informed everyone that he didn't have enough helium to get us down if the cable snapped. This was the number one reason why I told Erika to choke me...there's NO way I'd want to be conscious for that experience.
The view was incredible..but my favorite part was standing next to an older gentlemen who kept saying, " We haven't stopped yet...we're still going up" Great! Of all the 10 people in the carriage how did I get stuck next to Mr. Obvious? Seriously who invited this guy?I felt myself wanting to bend down and hide from the view that could potentially end my life. I found humor extremely handy in keeping me sane especially when I overheard someone say, "I think I've had to much to drink" to which I replied, "I haven't had enough!" This pretty much sums up my balloon ride experience. It's worth every penny...considering it's free.

DIY Practical Joke

The Crew
DIY Practical Joke My favorite are the judging bunniesWho kills the Easter Bunny?

What better day to perform a practical joke than on April fools day? The theme was perfect, an easter crime scene. Genius to some, morbid to others. 250 eggs, 8+ bags of grass, and creative talent that made it a spectacular Hoppy Fools Day. We ended up decorating 5 offices, which made me realize that next time I'd stick to one. This wouldn't of been possible without everyone who participated...oh and caffine.

First time Shooting a Gun

There's NOTHING like shooting a gun. I had no idea what to expect and I'll never forget the feeling of pulling the trigger for the first time. It was frightening, exciting, and addicting...This was completely out of my element, and I loved every minute of it. Thanks Eric for being brave enough to go with me.

Must #28: Donate Blood

The Funniest Nurse Alive

What better way to start off my Must List than to give to those in need. Definitely worth the pain to save 3 lives