Must #24: 3rd Annual Kyle Simonson Golf Classic

Here's the story: Last year I was on the planning committee for the PARS 2nd Annual Kyle Simonson Golf Classic and my boss had informed me that I'd be the fill in if any golfer couldn't make it. I must of thought he was joking because I couldn't imagine who'd want me on their team since I'd never played before. Unfortunately, the next morning I got the call that I was needed to play. I threw such a tantrum because I was being told to do something that I had never had any interest in EVER doing. When I got to the course they had clubs waiting for me and I was sent on my way. I felt a bit foolish at the end of the day because I ended up having such a blast. My team finshed in 2nd place and I was stoked because I made par on one of the holes entirely by myself. This event was so much fun I pre committed to playing the following year. It's that time again! Last weekend I participated in the 3rd Annual Kyle Simonson Golf Classic and I had the best time ever! The only downfall- I played with clubs that were too short -which caused me to I swing and miss the ball more times than I'd like to admit. Side Note: I can't even explain the pain that comes with missing the ball oh lets say 100 times. I honestly didn't want to use my driver because I was afraid of the pain that occurs when you miss. A couple of my teammates had made the comment, "oh its too painful to watch (literally)"and "She's swinging out of her boots"-yet I kept getting the same comment on how great my form was and how I must have played before. My teammates this year were hilarious and extremely patient. They always let me putt first which I thought was because I was the only girl but the truth is because they wanted the worst player to go first. To their surprise I putted in 4 of the 6 holes we birdied. 18 holes later I was informed that my clubs were too short for me. My neck,back, and sides would have loved to have known that 4 hours earlier. Even with all the pain I experienced I'm officially addicted to golf and can't wait to play in the tournament next year.