Must #12: Help Someone Move

The second I heard that Erika was moving I knew I needed to be there. Let me start off by saying that Erika is one of the sweetest people alive. Everyday she has a huge smile on face and is beyond helpful. In California I've found that whenever somebody moves everyone is always too busy to help...expect Erika. She always offers to help and never expects anything in return. This last Saturday I offered my services and in true Lindsay form brought backup...Mo's son Dylan. The second we arrived we were in shock. How could 3 people who live in a 2 bedroom apt have so much stuff? That's when we all came up with theories of how in life you accumulate "things" but that having "things" tie you down. There's more to that tangent but I'd hate to put you to sleep. Anywho-the day was full of laughs, aches and dolly rides (I think I almost died a couple times). At the end of the day I drove Dylan home and luckily talked his Mom into leading me the twins for Sunday's (the next day) move with Frances. Yes you heard right- I offered my services both Saturday and Sunday to help move. I must be crazy. The next morning was a little less daunting but still full of challenges. The twins were a huge help and hilarious to say the least. The best was going downstairs for trash bags and returning to find the boys dancing and cleaning at the same time. I was lucky enough to get this on video and will be posting as soon as possible. Thanks again boys for putting up with my bossiness-we made a great team!